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Editorial website with content.

An online affiliate marketing platform built to attract football fans in Asia to online gambling companies is now turning its sights to the US, and is listed on Nasdaq. has been proving to the industry that it is an efficient cash generating business of late, making use of its resources efficiently to post $15.9 million in revenue for the 2nd quarter of 2022, that’s up 55% from the previous year. The increase is due to a changing legal landscape in the United States, and more states opening themselves up to the sports betting industry.

Editorial website with content.

The firm have built a tremendous brand within the sports media and gambling review space – becoming one of the most trusted voices in gambling operator reviews. Expansion into the US is their next focus. ©PixelCreatures/Pixabay

Since the US Supreme Court changed its stance towards sports betting laws in 2018, the possibility for to raise revenue targets has looked increasingly likely. There net-revenues for 2nd quarter 2022 are the result of a long-term trend, where affiliates have targeted the new market and seek to gain a foothold early. In practice, the US represents one of the most lucrative gambling markets in the world, and for affiliates – it’s a new opportunity to test acquisition strategies.

As one of the largest affiliate marketing companies in the USA, operates upwards of 50 separate websites within the sector. They all serve a diverse range of user needs, from reviewing the different attributes of gambling platforms to curating the most valuable new customer offers. Operators that utilise the reach and influence of the network include titans of the industry FanDuel, BetMGM and DraftKings.

The business model that have established allows the affiliate to net a return if they convert a user visiting the site into a customer at the betting operator. These so-called new customer deposit deals allow the affiliate to harvest a fixed income from the conversions they make. As an added bonus, there are also revenue share agreements baked into the deals – paying out a fee for every bet that the client makes after opening and making a bet on the site.

World Sports Network into

The company founded in 2006 as the Worlds Sports Network, and was built for the purpose of serving football fans in Asia with concise information on where to bet. The service quickly grew in popularity, and WSN established itself as the authority on sports statistics, live scores, and betting odds across the continent. Back in that time the US considered sports betting illegal, so the early expansion into Asia represented the only viable market to operate, as it was the only place with wealthy gamblers who enjoyed the benefits of a lenient legal system.

In 2009, WSN re-calibrated its business model. Along with re-branding to KAX Media, the firm adjusted its focus to the European market, primarily the United Kingdom. Just two years later in 2011, the company acquired their eventual domain of for $2.5 million and then re-branded again to the current title of

Fast forward another 7 years and the business is thriving under its new masthead, gambling operators across the world have recognized the affiliate business as one of the most impactful in the space. With a smart blend of SEO, actionable content that users are consuming, and a trusted brand – is able to move large volumes of traffic to wherever they recommend gamblers to place a bet. This power doesn’t go unrecognized, and the group is beginning to post huge profits in the wake of their new found momentum.

Nowadays, operates in over 12 US states with plans to continue growth into many more of them by 2023. Intertwined in its strategic growth plans have been a number of key hires in the editorial and news media spaces. The agency have hired an series of senior executives, and well-established writers to join its editorial teams, luring prominent editors from leading newspapers and traditional sports-media websites to come and work in the business.

The long-term ambition of the company is clear, they want to blend the fields of affiliate promotion with product development. Aptly positioned to enable an online casino of their own, have clearly indicated that their expansion ambitions have not been fulfilled. Watch this space to see what’s next in store for the gambling firm.

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