Esports Betting in Asia Grows Larger Than Traditional Sports –

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A new report released by a betting analytics firm operating in the Asia-Pacific region has been published, and the preliminary results concerning consumer trends in the gambling sector are quite revealing of the changing times we are in. Throughout Asia, just like the rest of the world, we live in a period where gamblers are increasingly conducting 100% of their gaming activities via the online medium.

Controller and keyboard on the desk.

A new look at the growth of eSports betting in Asia – which according to the latest projections has been surpassing regular sports betting activity across Asia. ©VanDulti/Pixabay

There are multiple ways to bet for the modern gambler, and it is certainly within the interests of bookmakers to pay close attention to this behavior, just so they can refine and improve their products. As a core principle identified in this new report it is clear that gamblers are drifting towards solutions that incorporate conscious gambling into their offering, that being ways to actively research and learn about the sport on the platform.

With this finding we can be sure that an age-old hypothesis about gambling behavior is likely true. The conjecture summarises that the success of a country’s sport performance in international competition directly correlates with the interest to bet on that sport domestically. There are many examples of this, India with its massive love for cricket betting, and European’s with their love for football betting. Across the board and with many more niche examples it has been found to be true throughout.

Asia has witnessed unparalleled growth in recent years, and has often been awestruck by the sheer scale and quantity of the inbound betting activity witnessed on its markets. There is a wide range of different betting opportunities within Asia particularly focused on the eSports world. This is a world that has been growing at an exceptional level, given the massive infrastructure behind this industry, and it’s commitment to delivering value to its users, bettors have been completely won over. More so than any other sport betting vertical on the planet, there are significant advancements being made with eSports gambling to service this demand.

The Booming eSports Market in Asia

It’s no secret that Asia is a hotbed of activity within the eSports world, some of the world’s greatest players hail from the region, and for the past decade the momentum of interest diverting away from traditional sports towards this new medium has been increasing. The opportunity to build a career, a platform and live entirely off the progress one makes in the gaming space has never been easier to achieve than it currently is.

The proof is very much already out there, and the assumption that eSports will overtake followership of regular sports has been completely validated by the movement of communities towards the digital space. Sped up by the pandemic, gamers and streamers alike have built online empires powered by the popularity and excitement that eSports gaming offers. An immediate and amplified excitement that is completely unique to the digital space, it’s paving the way for other business-media verticals to catch up; from NFTs, to betting, to pro-tournaments, the wealth of commercialization avenues is profound.

With the growth of the eSports industry we are seeing far greater connections being built between traditional sports clubs and their online gaming counterparts. This has already been the case within the basketball community where several teams have bought and established their own eSports teams. These sponsored gamers compete for major cash prizes across a whole range of different games includingDotA2, League of Legends, CS: Global Offensive and many more.

Asia is by far the most ambitious and forward-thinking eSports market in the world currently, and it continues to set the pace that the rest of the world is trying to follow. According to the analytics firm, eSports are poised to become more popular than traditional sports, and this singularity moment is much closer than many observers have anticipated. The rapid pace of expansion within the eSports ecosystem is completely unparalleled, it continues to surpass all expectations and forecasts.

The pandemic certainly accelerated a long-term trends that had been evolving for the past few years, that being the shift towards online gambling opportunities. Sports fans have always been passionate, but with the increasing quality of online betting sites and the availability of cheap hardware to augment the experience, millions of new customers are on the verge of being onboarded to this space. The companies that prepare and intensely focus on user experience will ultimately win this fight for market dominance.

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