Australian Casinos Under Investigation Facing Serious Charges

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A group of Australian casinos are currently under investigation from local authorities due to a number of illegal junket schemes, police deem them suspicious. The details of the case are yet to be unearthed but police have reason to believe that several Australian casinos based in Sydney have committed various offenses related to racketeering charges. A highly serious situation is brewing as the brands try to defend themselves to the public eye but also the government begins to lay down restrictions which could see detrimental effects to the business. The story is definitely one to follow as it could remain extremely unpredictable.

Casino Gambling.

A group of Australian casinos are facing a serious set of offences related to numerous junket schemes which could land them in all sorts of financial bother. ©AidenHowe/Pixabay

The police are convinced that a decently sized group of Australian casinos are responsible for a large streak of junket schemes which are highly illegal in the country. There is yet to be any solid evidence released to the public, but the police have said they have strong reason to believe that these firms are involved in some capacity. But despite rumors from the public eye there is yet to be decisive side of people who swing one or the other. There are some opinions which may be rendered unhelpful as most people are painfully unaware of what is going on with these casinos.

Who knows what will happen in this scenario but it’s a strange one to say the least. The authorities are less than willing to put any information to the media or public, so everyone is completely in the dark. Of course, the public are aware, but it doesn’t have an impact on the police investigation. Government officials are expected to appear on public television soon to address the current police ongoings but in typical politician fashion there isn’t much chance of dissecting any useful information from a spokesperson. Despite this the public are eager to learn anything they can so it could be a good opportunity to gain a clearer insight of the situation.

There are two main casinos currently under suspicion. The Ville casino and The Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns are both accused of several charges related to illegal money possession as well as incentives to bring over rich customers from Asia. This has had a major impact on the reputation of both brands as they were both previously viewed as squeaky clean establishments. There isn’t much to say that they may both be completely innocent and remain lawful but only time will tell as the case progresses further. Police are eager to put this one to bed as quick as possible so a result could come in the next couple weeks.

Asian customers are extremely valuable to Australian casinos. They are some of the biggest spenders in the world and millionaires from China are regular visitors to Australia and other Oceanic regions as gambling has and likely always be legal. Unlike most of Asia where gambling is strictly banned in most countries with exception to Japan and a couple others. There isn’t an exact number but Chinese tourists into Australian casinos are estimated to provide hundreds of million dollars’ worth of revenue every single year. Only the establishments can know but they are extremely important to the survival of the companies.

Australia’s Casinos Under Fire Once Again

This isn’t even close to being the first time these Australian casinos have been under fire from the local authorities. The long-winded saga of Crown Casinos and its owner James Packer will go down in history as one of the most convoluted and disgraceful corporate scandals in Australia’s history. The brand was sold off to a giant US equity firm owned by Blackstone who bought the company for roughly $9billion, not a bad ransom for James Packer. The history of shady negotiations and affairs in the industry has left a large lingering shadow of corruption and doubt among figures of authority who are reluctant to let them roam free without supervision.

Despite all of the dealings of the past, the authorities are viewing this as completely different and separate case. This is to make the whole deal much less confusing and leave a stop on the previous police investigations based on other brands in the country. The authorities are keen to progress to the next challenge and put the current case to bed without any backlash from the brands or the public. It could be a long and terminal process but one way or another the public, the media and everyone else will get an answer one day soon.

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